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Timesheet management

Realtime data

Set up virtual boundaries to track the attendance and location of employees. When an employee enters or exits the virtual boundary, their attendance is automatically recorded in real-time. This helps to eliminate the need for manual timesheets, as the attendance records are automatically generated and updated.

Save time and money

Payloader can save a significant amount of time and effort, as it removes the need for employees to manually record their attendance and for supervisors to manually review and verify timesheets. This can be especially useful for managing large teams on multiple job sites, and helps streamline attendance tracking and reduce errors.

Manual timesheets

TImesheets can also be manually entered by operators via the driver app to record start and end times, travel time and breaks.

Payload data

Record important billing details including payload delivery information such as tonnage, proof of delivery, driver timesheet data and custom site reports.

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